Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pinterest: Dream Home

Sorry about that little break from the blog. oops. With all this moving and stuff, I seem to lose track of the day. Its all about working, getting home and packing stuff up. The apartment looks like a mad house w/ boxes and clothes EVERYWHERE! ugh it is making me CRAZY! (crazier than usual if that is possible). I can't wait til I am all moved into the new place and can finally enjoy where I live again.

I decided today I would share some of my favorite Pinterest finds that I have on my board titled "Dream House". It seems fitting since I am talking about moving doesn't it? Pinterest allows you to make believe you have no budget so no dream is too big.
In love w/ this house
 I hope to live somewhere where I can have a LARGE house w/ an equally large yard. What is the point of have a 7,00 sq ft home on a tiny piece of land? Silly isn't it? I love houses w/ lots of windows and of course lots of landscaping.

Big & Blue
Before I show you how I would LOVE my house to look on the inside I think that back yard should get a little attention. Dontchathink? Growing up in SoFla, I was around water ALL THE TIME. Learned to swim at a young age and was obsessed with being in the pool. But enough about that. I would not be able to own a home that did not have an awesome pool (or at least the space to build one.) There are so many amazing pools on Pinterest but here is one that I LOVE just because it is HUGE and looks oh-so-inviting. Plus the house is FAH- MAZING

Swoon over the fireplace
Now we can finally go inside this "little" dream house of mine.One thing I can't stand is feeling cramped in a home. I have lived in apartments for the last five years so I know what small spaces are. Barely having room for a bed and dresser..disaster! I want an open floor plan in my home. Where I can have large parties and not feel like it is too crowded. I don't want the dining room to feel like it is too close to the kitchen or that it is invading the space of the living room. SPACE SPACE SPACE! Biggest thing when it comes to any house, in my opinion. I love that in each of these pics, the upstairs overlooks the floor below. It just makes the house seem more centered around the living room, which I love. Plus the stairways in each of these homes is to DIE FOR! So elegant but not too over the top at the same time.

The last little touches (don't want to bore you with pics of every single room because we would be here forever!) are just things I would love to have in my home.
Roxi's Room
For those that know me (and maybe even if you don't), you know I am obsessed with my doggie Roxi. Love her soo much. She is so spoiled ( it is like having a child) so when I saw that little doggie room under the stairs idea to the left, I knew that someday I would have to have something similar. A little space where she could chill out, be out of the way but still part of the action.

In the next couple days I am making a vanity (old dresser, cheap mirror and the help of the boyfriend). Very simple but the vanity to the left would be even better because it is built in into the bathroom already. Convenient but can easily be hidden if need be.
Bed looks so comfy

The remaining picture is simply showcasing the color scheme that I love for a bedroom. Right now my bathroom is the same colors and my bedroom has some of the same elements so I want to try to use this as an example to make my new room POP w/ color.

I am off to continue working ( love a job where I can blog, browse FB & Twitter all day) and hopefully knock some items off my to-do list. ( cover the dining room chairs in new fabric and clean up the house a bit). Happy Tuesday to y'all and

<3 happy bloggin'!

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