Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Burger, fries and a super size coke please!

Do you ever read a blog post and think..that was written just for me! Or that it came at the perfect time? Well today as I read one of my favorite blogs, Keep Calm & Carry On, I couldn't help but feel as if Katie was reading my thoughts. She wrote a post about the "5 Best (Health) Decisions" she has ever made. Recently I have been thinking about going on a meat-less "diet" ( I say the word diet lightly because really its a lifestyle not just a diet) and reading her blog just pushed me to go for it! 

When I came up to Gainesville to start school in 2008, I decided to be a pescatarian(vegetarian who eats seafood) and I did it for 9 months. I loved the way that it made me feel and how healthy my body seemed. My main reason for doing it was because my bestie, Joey, has been a vegetarian for many years and also asked if I would try it. So I did! Now I didn't stick with it ( being in college, its hard to not hit up Steak n Shake @ 3am or eat pepperoni pizza multiple times a week) but I always that about trying it again..but the thought always faded away. That all changes today!

Not only will I cut out meat but I want to cut out soda, fast food and eat less carbs. It is not going to be easy (living with a boy who loves his burgers and mountain dew ) but I know I can do it. I need to figure out a meal plan and stick with it! One of the hardest things when you cut out meat is trying to find replacements so that you feel full but without all the calories. Starting September 1st, I will be eating clean, no meat and making sure to not eat fast food (even though its convenient) and only drinking water or unsweetened ice tea( have to have my tea!) 

Why September 1st and not now? Well when start something new, I also tell myself " I have to start on a Monday"..and than I eat like crap on the weekend. I know Sept. 1st is on the weekend but I don't want to quit cold- turkey so I am going to slowly cut out the meat and by September I shall be ready to get rid of it 100%. Plus I still have plenty of meat in my house so it would be hard to resist! 

I am excited to start this lifestyle again. I am hoping it kicks starts my weight loss and makes me feel better on the inside and out. Any tips are greatly appreciated! 

<3 happy bloggin' 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Back to school ..causes the crazies to come out!

Good morning! It's Tuesday and even though I woke up a little late, I am in a pretty darn good mood! Which is surprising since on my drive to work today..I feel like I was yelling at pretty much EVERY car on the road. School started yesterday for everyone from kindergarten to university level. Meaning thousands of college students who were not here in the summer are making their way back into town and causing chaos! I hate ranting and complaining on this blog but its my space and today that is what I am going to do (#sorrynotsorry) Here is a small list of people causing me to go a little nuts lately.

  1. Parents who don't make their small children wear seat belts.   You are driving your  mini-van, you slam on your brakes. Little Timmy who is not strapped in will be flying through the windshield in no time. *ugh!* I am the car behind you and I see little tots popping all over the back seat, standing up behind the front seat. Not only is this unsafe for them but now they are directing your attention away from the road and blocking your view of the cars around you. Come on people!! 
  2. Drivers who don't obey road signs. This is pretty plan and simple. If there is a stop sign and no cars you stop? (Does a bear poop in the woods?) The worse was that the same person who didn't have their children in seat belts was also going straight in a RIGHT TURN ONLY LANE!! So when that little green arrow tells everyone in that lane to turn..and you're not cause everyone to wait for your stupid a** to go straight because you don't pay attention to the signs!! (in this particular part of town there is a BRIGHT YELLOW light flashing as well as multiple signs telling you it is a right turn only) Also, when the red arrow comes on, that means STOP turning. I usually have to wait for 2 maybe 3 cars to turn before I can go. The lights are there for a reason! 
  3. School Zones. It is not the school zones themselves that make me mad. I understand their purpose and obey them. It is the people that don't seem to understand that a school zone ends when it says " End of School Zone" (or something along those lines). This morning (running late as usual) there is a 20 MPH school zone. The lovely person in front of me decides that going 5-7 MPH should be good. Not a big deal..but when you continue to go that speed when the school zone is over...umm get the heck outta my way. I have places to go! 
  4. Not using turn signals. Plain and simple. If you're turning..use one. Your car comes w/ them. Don't need to pay extra for them and they are there for a reason . ESPECIALLY if you're at a four-way stop. You're turning left..I want to go straight. If I don't know you're turning, don't get mad at me for going in front of you. If you want to come into my lane and aren't using a turn am I supposed to know that you want to do so? 
  5. Unaware drivers. I get it. You're dropping cute Susie off for her first year of college. You have never been to this town. You wanna hit all the top shops to find her everything she needs for her dorm room. Please for the love of sweet baby jesus  DON' T slam on your brakes in the middle of the road because you are lost. Pull over. Find a parking spot or a gas station. Pay attention to your surroundings and understand that even though you're new here, the road signs still apply to you. This goes for all incoming freshman/their families. Acting like they have never driven a car before. Grr! 
  6. Lastly, Pedestrians that don't pay attention to signals.  I understand the rule "yield to pedestrians" and they have the right of way..blah blah blah. But when the BIG RED HAND comes don't walk. When my light turns green I want to GO!..but your happy butt is in the middle of the cross I can't! 
Rant is over. Sorry guys but it seems like lately every idiot driver on the road has been in front of or at least in my vicinity  Hope they aren't in your neck of the woods. Happy Tuesday, happy driving and

<3 happy bloggin'

Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend is gone & Monday has come again...

So my promise to blog everyday (or at least every other day) is not looking so great. I'M SORRY!! I sit at work and literally read 20-30 blogs A DAY but I can't seem to write a post on my own. (How crazy is that?) So today I am going to answer some random questions that I saw on Raising Steppe Sisters. Hopefully this will get my creative juices flowing and I can write an AMAZING post for tomorrow. *fingers crossed*

1.Do you like blue cheese? Yummy! Blue cheese crumbs on a burger or dressing on a delicious salad. Making me hungry just thinking about it. 

2.Have you ever smoked a cigarette? Nope. So nasty and smelly. Never in my life! 
3.Do you own a gun? Nope and probably will never. I am scared I would do more harm than good w/ one. 
4.What flavor do you add to your drink at Sonic? I ALWAYS order a Strawberry Limeade. So yummy and refreshing. It probably has a pound of sugar but its delish! 
5.Do you get nervous about doctor's appointments? If its physical/check-up not really. But if something is wrong w/ me, then I am slightly nervous because I don't like the unpredictability 
6.Do you like hot dogs? Yup. Even though there is always that one person that has to say "do you know what's in those things?" every time I eat one. I think its because I only have them like a couple times a year that makes them sooo yummy! 
7.What do you prefer to drink in the mornings? Redbull or a protein shake. 
8.Can you do pushups? Do girly ones count? 
9.What's your favorite meal? Every home cooked meal that my mommy makes because it reminds me of my childhood. Besides that, I would say some yummy sushi, authentic Italian or true Mexican food.  
10.What's your favorite piece of jewelry? I feel naked if I don't have a pair of earrings in (but not one pair in particular). The piece that I have worn the longest would be my Pandora bracelet and it is special because some many family members have given me different charms over the years. 
11.Favorite hobby? I feel lame saying I don't have any particular hobbies. Which is probably not true. I love the outdoors and anything associated w/ the water. I am trying to find more things that interest me so give me some ideas!! (please&thankyou) 
12.Do you work with people that idolize you? Umm duh. I am so freaking amazing! ..j/k. I think that the people (@ both jobs) respect me and know that I have alot of potential.  
13. Name a trait that you hate about yourself? I would say that I don't push myself in some aspects of my life. ie- wanting to lose weight but not changing much about my diet/ exercising more. 
14.Middle name? Elizabeth. My gmom's middle name :) 
15.Name 3 thoughts at this moment. (1)I am STUFED (Adam's Rib Co. was amazingggg). (2) There are too many songs being played @ the same time right now! (working in radio..this happens ALOT).(3)Can I go on vacation soon? 
16.Name 3 things you bought yesterday the day before. I was at working all day yesterday so there was no shopping for me. But on Saturday I went to Target (big mistake on move-in weekend in Gville)(1) I bought new bathroom soft!..(2)Shower caddy /shelf thingy. Now all my essentials are in my one place. (3) some kitty some (treats & toys) for new kitty :) 
17.Name 3 drinks you drink regularly. Water, iced tea and Redbull.
18.Current worry right now? Umm no worries as of now. Just constant thoughts flooding my brain. 
19.Current hate right now? The fact that I keep telling myself that I want to lose weight but doing anything about it. 
20.Favorite place to be? I know it sounds so lame but really anytime I am w/ my boyfriend I am one happy camper. We are always cracking jokes and being silly. I love it! 
21.How did you bring in New Years? This year I spent it w/ some great work friends. Got a little drunk, went out and had a blast! 
22.Favorite place to go? I like just driving and finding new places to explore. I also love going home to Miami/Homestead and seeing how much has changed each time I visit. 
23.What is your most recurring dream? I don't have one actually. I rarely remember my dreams after I wake up which stinks because I think they would be pretty awesome. 
24.Introvert or extrovert? Extrovert
25.What color shirt are you wearing? Pink. Bright and in your face! 
26.Do you like sleeping on satin sheets? I had a set given to me by my cousin. While they are super soft (& supposedly good for your hair/skin), they are a pain in the a** to keep on the bed.I would make the bed, and the sheets would just slip off.GRRR 
27.Can you whistle? Not very good but yea. 
28.There was no question for #28.....moving on...
29.Favorite color? Any pastel color (pink, baby blue, lavender etc.)  
30.Would you be a pirate? They are usually kinda smelly and drink a lot of rum...both of which I am not a fan of...but Johnny Depp was one hawt pirate so if I could be on his ship...then I may be able to make an exception. 
31.What songs do you sing in the shower? Random songs that are stuck in my head from hearing them 35465161x on the radio. 
32.Favorite girl's name? I really like Alexis & Skylar 
33.Favorite boy's name? Bentley & Colton (side note: I know if I name my future kids Bentley & Alexis it will sound like I know a car dealership but I love them both!) 
34.Who is your loudest friend? I would say I am the loudest of the bunch but I am okay w/ that! 
35.What's in your pocket right now? Nada. 
36. Last thing that made you laugh? I'm always giggling about something..usually something the bf or the pets do. 
37.Bed sheets as a child? Absolutely no idea. I think they had flowers or something but didn't all little girls sheets? 
38.Worst injury you ever had? Splitting my tongue open on mailbox..learning to ride a bike when I was a a kid. 
39. Do you love where you live? Yes. But I don't think I would want to stay here forever. It is amazing town but I would like to start a family elsewhere more likely. 
40.How many TVs are in your house? Tres. 
41.What is your worst habit? Cracking my knuckles and/or biting my nails. 
42.How many dogs do you have? One spoiled pit that I treat like my child. Love that pup. 
43.Does someone have a crush on you? I like Sean (bf) might. hehe
44.Do you own slippers? I have booties which are more for colder actual slippers however.
45.What is your favorite book?  I read a lot and couldn't pick just one. Like romance novels..and some with a little mystery mixed in are even better. 
46.What is your favorite candy? Not picky at all. Reese's , gummy bears, twizzlers, crunch etc. 
47. What is your favorite sports team? GO GATORS!! Orange & Blue ..UF...(I don't care much about pro teams)
48.What song do you want played at your funeral? I don't want to answer that. 
49.What were you doing at midnight last night? Watching TV ..waiting for the boo to get home from work. 
50.What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up this morning? It's 7:30 am already?!?

And because I don't want to have a post with no pictures, here is a little recap of my weekend. 

(1)Our new fishies,Nemo & Dori(2)Selfie. About to head out to date night w/ the boo boo(3)Sean shaking his booty w/ the girls @ OEC(4) My cutie on date night. He was so happy w/ his root beer float #kidatheart (5)Our new kitty, Dutch. He is soo adorable! (6)Yummy. I am not a beer drinker @ all but this tastes soo refreshing, apple-y and light. SO GOOD! 

<3 happy bloggin'

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


So I haven't blogged in awhile. My bad! I promised I would try to do it every day and I FAILED! But  I hope to be back on the blogging train more this month.


  •  Sean and I moved into our new apartment and LOVE IT!! It is 90% set up (still figuring out what to do in the 2nd bedroom). It has so much more space and Roxi loves having a backyard 
  • I am still loving the "new" job and the people I work with. It is so stress free and refreshing. 
  • Hoping to go on a little getaway (either back home to Miami or somewhere close by) soon with Sean so we can just enjoy time together without the hassle of work.
Now on to other random things. I have seen this ABC survey on other blogs and it though it reminds me of middle school/ Myspace days, I thought it would be fun to get to know more about ME!

A: Attached or Single? Attached to this boy name Sean :)

B: Best Friend? I have multiple best friends because they have come into my life at different times and have meant so much to me that they all get the title of best friend for different reasons. My mom was my first best friend and continues to be someone I can go to for EVERYTHING! My biffle Joey (who has to be ALL THE WAY in Europe right now) is the one friend who has been in my life the longest (15+years!) and knows WAY TOO much about me. And of course my boyfriend because he sees me at my worst, my best and loves me no matter what! 

C: Cake or pie? Hmm that is tough. Probably cake...but I wouldn't pass up a good pie either.

D: Day of choice? Saturday. Its the one day I am off work from both jobs and I can just do absolutely nothing or do tons! Either way its a nice stress free day. 
E: Essential item? I would probably go a little crazy (crazier than I am) without my iPhone. It does so much!
F: Favorite color? I love pastels (pink, baby blue, lite yellow and lavender)

G: Gummy bears or worms? Both. Which reminds me I bough a HUGE bag of gummy bears just waiting to be eaten.

H: Hometown? Homestead, FL

I: Favorite indulgence? Any and all sweets. Yum.

J: January or July? January. It is just too hot in Florida in the month of July.

K: Kids? Zero. But I hope to have a little boy and girl one day. :)

L: Life isn’t complete without? Laughter. I love to make people laugh and be laugh at life's funny moments.

M: Marriage date? I am not engaged so that might be a little weird. LOL

N: Number of brothers/sisters? One brother is 4 years older.

O: Oranges or Apples? Oranges. I have a weird thing about biting into an apple. It has to be cut up. I would choose an orange over them any day.

P: Phobias/Fears?  Normal fears like bugs and stuff but nothing life changing.
Q: Quotes? "Do or don't. There is no try. " Not sure where I first heard it but it has stuck with me for the longest time. When you set out to do something, make sure you complete it or there is no point in starting in the first place. "But I tried"..not hard enough or you would have finished it right? (This sounds so mean but its true)

R: Reasons to smile? So many! Friends, family, Roxi running up to me when I come home from work, the little surprise gifts I find from Sean and tons more. 

S: Season of choice? Fall and Winter. Anything that is not summer in Florida really. I like the cool/cold weather without the snow.

T: Tag 5 People. Nah. No thanks. :)

U: Unknown fact about me? Hmm. I have never broken a bone.

V: Vegetable? I love them all! Broccoli, brussel sprouts, corn, carrots.yuuummmmmyy! (My parents didn't even have to force them on me as a child)

W: Worst habit? Cracking my knuckles or biting my nails.

X: Xray or Ultrasound? Umm what?

Y: Your favorite food? I am not a picky eater by any means. I love Italian and sushi the most probably.

Z: Zodiac sign? Taurus. 

There you have it..more random facts about me!

<3 Happy bloggin'