Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Social Media Overload

"I had this guy leave me a voice mail at work so I called him at home and then he e-mailed me to my Blackberry and so I texted to his cell and then he e-mailed me to my home account and the whole thing just got out of control. And I miss the days when you had one phone number and one answering machine and that one answering machine has one cassette tape and that one cassette tape either had a message from a guy or it didn't. And now you just have to go around checking all these different portals just to get rejected by seven different technologies. It's exhausting." 
 -He's Just Not That Into you (2009)

LOVE that movie BTW! 

 Social media has exploded lately! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram of course are the top contenders. But now there is Vine, Snapchat, and I think Myspace is even trying to make a come back. (NOT gonna happen). It's all so confusing! You have to go like something on FB, then follow someone on Twitter so that you can keep in contact, check out their pictures on IG (which are probably on FB and Twitter already) and that's ONLY THE BEGINNING! I feel as if I don't follow you on ALL your social media outlets, that we are not connected! How crazy is that?!  Don't get me wrong. I am on all of this sites and I check them regularly throughout the day. I believe that they are a great way to keep up with old friends and family that might live far away but sometimes I see the same picture 7 different times throughout the day and I read a status about a million times! Then there are those people that tell you a LITTLE bit too much info on the internet...that is a story for another day! Why can't we go back to just phone calls and texts? Wasn't that enough?

That being said..go check out my FB, Twitter, IG (all linked above) and send me some <3. I will send some back your way! Enjoy this beautiful day (hopefully it's not raining wherever you are) and..

<3 happy bloggin'! 

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