Monday, July 8, 2013

Changing my Identity..

So this blog is no longer called "Chaos Defined" but instead it will be called.....

Cruisin' Through My Twenties!! 

The main reason for the change was simple. " Chaos Defined" just didn't feel right. I wanted something that described me (20-something) but with a little twist. I was sitting on the couch, listening to FL/GA Line's "Cruise" when it just came to me! (It was that easy guys ;)). It shows how I am flying through my twenties and trying to take in as much of the real world as I can along the way. Hope ya'll like the new name and the blog face lift (new layout!). 

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. It's been raining ALOT here in Gainesville but of course its sunny ALL DAY today when I'm stuck inside at work :( oh well. Be safe and have fun! 

<3 happy bloggin'. 

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