Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Well HELLO There! (Updates)

I started this blog over two years ago, wrote one silly post and then never came back. Hmm. Not a good start. But I read many blogs daily, and realize why I wanted to start blogging in the first place.

*You can express your personal feelings, with no one telling you what you CAN or CAN'T say. (well they may not like it but they can just stop reading). 
*It's a place that people can come and learn more about you, maybe find an interesting recipe, place to visit or just read an interesting story. 

Since I have written a post in over two years, I feel I started out with some UPDATES! 
1. Graduated UF last May. It feels pretty amazing to be done with school (for now)! 
                                           ( My best friend since 2nd grade & I striking a silly pose) 
2. Started working at a broadcasting company last month and went part time as a server (working the weekends and still making good $$). Its a fun environment and working for a radio station has some great perks!
3. Met an amazing guy who truly shows me what it feels like to be in a healthy relationship. It's just the beginning but I am happy, loved and enjoying life w/ him!

I hope I can keep up with this blog and gain some knowledge on how to improve this little ol' blog.

<3 happy bloggin'!

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