Monday, February 10, 2014

Weekend Recap

How is it Monday already? The weekends have been flying by lately and I can't say I am complaining .The reason being...the BF is away on the weekends so I am stuck on my own. Which sucks! I know what you're thinking...48 hours to yourself. What could be better?! When you're used to seeing someone everyday...its hard to be apart for a couple days. But I survived!
Here's how my weekend went:
After I got home from work...I did NOTHING! I was in bed by 9pm, playing on my phone, snuggled up with the pup. I usually go out with some friends on Friday but we weren't really feeling up to it and it felt nice to just go to bed early.
Isn't she cute?

This is the first weekend I didn't have to work (or so I thought) in quite some time so I slept in, cleaned and ran some errands. I got some great deals on some new jeans, ate sushi (its been too long!) and finally purchased some coconut oil after reading so much about it. I LOVE IT! I have only used a couple times since then but the stuff is amazing & has so many uses! Go get you some if you haven't already.


After a day of running errands, I was in bed by 9pm again and asleep before 10pm. My mom called around 11pm (she goes out more than me which is sad!) so I woke up to talk to her. After that I quickly checked my email/social media and I am glad I did. Like I said, I had no shifts (I was none too happy) this weekend at my serving job. I put "auto pick up" on so if shift was released, I would get first pick. When I last checked earlier in the evening, nothing was available. When I checked again, I had a morning shift. Good thing I checked or I would have slept right through it.

I worked from 11am-5pm, made some good $$ so that was win all around.
After work I went and visited my grandma. I live so close and need to get in the habit of seeing her more because I always feel better when I do.

Sean got home a little after 9pm. Since I can't watch a show when its not from the beginning (and we don't have DVR ugh!) we decided to go to Sean's work, have a couple drinks and then watch the encore of Walking Dead at 11pm.
We met up with some of his coworkers, had a couple beers and were home just in time!

 That's how I spent my weekend. Happy Sean is back { until this Friday :( } and that work is picking up a bit so I am staying busy!

-How was your weekend?
-Do you watch Walking Dead? What did you think of the mid-season premiere?
<3 happy bloggin'



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