Thursday, February 13, 2014

Life's little annoyances...

Driving to work today, I started thinking about all the little things that people do that annoy me. Mostly because about 25% them occurred on my drive to work. I figured, if they annoy me, they might annoy others and we can bond over our mutual annoyance. Sounds fun right?


1. People who don't use their turn signal
I am driving behind you, you slam on your brakes and decide that you want to turn. Let me try not to run into the back of you. Or the ones that are at a 4-way stop, are turning in front of you and you start to go because you think you both are going straight. Using that little turn signal that COMES WITH YOUR CAR would solve these problems.

2. Not stopping at a stop sign/ rolling through the stop
When I come up to a 4-way stop and you are coming up to the stop sign at 50 MPH, I am gonna be a little hesitant to go. When you come up to a stop sign and immediately start to pull out into traffic as if there is not a car in site, I will not feel bad if I run into you because you're an idiot!

3. No helmet for their passenger
When I see a couple on a motorcycle, scooter...whatever and the guy is wearing a nice fancy protective helmet (and usually a nice sporty motorcycle jacket) and your girlfriend has NOTHING to protect her, you're a dick. I am a little scared of motorcycles to start with. But if my BF every decided to get one, you better believe I would have my own helmet or that he would be letting me use his. This may be sexist but if you put a girl on the back of your bike, protect her please!

4. Being late
We are all late at some point in our lives. I get that. But when a person is late to an important meeting or just late on a daily basis, that's an issue. I know I don't sit in the big office at work but if I ran a business, I would sure as heck not allow my employees to constantly walk into the workplace 15, 20 or sometimes 45 mins. late! It shows that you don't care about your job (or if its a date, that you don't care about the person) and shows just how immature you are. (I have touched on this topic before but it really gets to me.)

5. Squeaky shoes
More specifically, when  I wearing them. I have a pair of sandals that squeak if its a little rainy out. Its the only thing I can hear when I wear them and it drives me crazy. If you have squeaky shoes and you're around me for a long period of time, I may snatch them off and throw them out a window. #sorrynotsorry

6. Cover stealer
You would thing that this would be my BF who takes them in the middle of the night. Nope. My dog likes to get under the covers and snuggle in between us. Not an issue. Until she wants to get out in the middle of the night and goes out from the bottom, pulling all the covers with her. Or when she sits on top of them and you can't pull them out from under her. Too many mornings waking up freezing my tush off.

7. Food smackers/ talking with you mouth full
Just no. Whether its gum, soup, or whatever else you can smack or slurp. It is disgusting. And talking when you just stuffed your mouth full is ever worse. Finishing chewing then speak. I can wait #noreallyican

8. Interrupters
If I am speaking, its most likely something important and I want you to pay attention. The second that you interrupt me, I know that you weren't listening to what I was saying and were just focusing on what you were going to say. RUDE. This brings me to my next little annoyance...

9. Rude people
I have mentioned it before, but I work at a radio station as a Sales Assistant. I answer the phones and get to deal with people that are not happy about something that was said on-air. #funtimes. I get it your irritated but a) I didn't say it so don't take it out on me b) just change the station if you don't like what you're hearing c) being a bitch to me is not going to solve the problem because I am sure as heck not going to tell management about a complaint when you're acting like a child (when truthfully you're old enough to be my granny). Learn manners. Yelling at me and getting irritated doesn't solve problems. Be a better communicator and then I will be more than happy to help you. (This applies to everyone, even outside of work)

10. Last but not least...people who LOVE to brag
Working with sales people, you understand the competitive nature of some people. To make $$, they must get clients to sign contracts. If we are talking about Sally's* client and how good of a job she is doing, you don't need to pipe in with how much $$ you're making the company. You already had your little 15 secs of fame; let someone else have it for a change. These are the same people that make every story about themselves. I am telling you about my sick dog and you make it about you somehow. I get it, you think you're amazing. I think you're annoying so please hush up.
(*Not her real name)

I know that some of these have to get on your nerves as well. There are daily annoyances to me and  I am trying to not let them get to me...but if I hear you smack your gum one more time...GRR!!

-What little things drive you crazy?
- How do you keep from going insane?

<3 happy bloggin'

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  1. People who don't use a turn signal annoy the life out of me! I completely agree with you on that one!
    - Tracey @ Just a Trace