Friday, February 28, 2014

Finish the Sentence Link-up

Today I am linking-up with Jake & Holly for "Finish the Sentence"

1. I always pick... sweet tea over any other drink of choice (even booze!)

2. Look at the size of those...bags...under my eyes! I am exhausted. TGIF

3. I recently learned that...its better to sit down and shut up than get angry over the little things.

4.  Only when no one is looking do I.... sneak a cookie...or ten...

5. I lost... my mind. A LONG time ago ;)

6. I was certain I'd be... independent by now. And guess what? I am! Its the best feeling being 23 and not relying on anyone for anything. Yes it sucks having to pay bills and  I know whenever I need something, I can ask but its great to do it all on my own.

7. There is not enough.... time in the day. It feels like I get off work and its time to go to bed. I need the day to slow down just a bit so I can accomplish more.

8. I just finished... my oatmeal. And even though I am full, I am thinking about lunch. oops

9. Why does everyone... have to be so caddy and start drama? I hate drama!

10. It's very rare when I.... leave the house without an ounce of makeup. Even if its just mascara or rarely happens. I feel naked!

11. If I were a dog... it would be really hard for me to sniff another dog's hiney. awkward

12. I don't believe that... in going to bed early. Even when I try...I always stay up late. But like my mom says..."I'll sleep when I'm dead!"

<3 happy bloggin'

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  1. I have to leave with makeup on too... or what I call "my face!" LOL