Thursday, January 30, 2014


Let's talk about being on time. (venting once again on this lil blog o' mine). Being on time is pretty important right? For your job, a date...just about everything! It seems like there are people that haven't quite learned just how important it is. 

Yea, I have been late a handful of times. Yes, I have gotten used to my close friends ALWAYS been late when we have plans ( I leave ten minutes after I am supposed to just to counteract their tardiness). But when it comes to being late EVERY SINGLE DAY to a job that you have had less than 6 months (and the tardiness has been from the VERY beginning). 

I work at a broadcasting company. It's a very LAID BACK environment which I love. If you're running late, text the boss. If you need the day off, easy peasy lemon squeezy. But you still want to make a good impression, correct? Not the case for a handful of women I work with.  They can't seem to make into work on time any day of the week. There is always some reason for their tardiness. They fall into three different categories:

1) " I had to take my toddler to daycare"
Well your kid has been going to the same daycare for the past 6+months, it hasn't changed locations so why don't you leave a little bit earlier? If I see you driving right next to me on the way to work and you have yet to drop off your child, that means you're running late! (Which just happened a couple days ago). If it's not the daycare it always some excuse with your child. I don't have kids but I do know that blaming them for your lateness doesn't seem very fair!
2) " I have a meeting" 
The ladies I work with that seem to always been late are in sales so having a meeting is a valid excuse. (They go on countless meetings a week) but 9 times outta 10, their meetings are not going to be first thing in the morning. If you use the excuse on Tuesday that you had a meeting at 9am...don't try to use it again the next three days because it isn't going to work. 

3) They don't even acknowledge they're late. 
They walk in 30 mins late as if its nothing. Umm I'm pretty sure my boss wants me here at 8:30am so why are you dragging yourself in at 8:55 and its no biggie? Like I said up there ^^^ leave a little earlier and you wouldn't be late. what a concept

What boggles my mind the most is the fact that the manager/boss lady is one of the culprits so when her sales team is late, she blows it off like its not really a big deal. The only time she makes a fuss is when HER BOSS is going to be in the office.If you don't "punish" when they are late, they are going to continue to do it. Just like children, they won't learn because they don't know they are doing something wrong!

Another thing is the fact that these ladies get away with just about anything. One girl in particular has gotten so drunk (one time at the work Christmas party) a handful of times and doesn't show up to work the next day (or if she does its at 2pm). I am 23 years old. I have had my fair share of drunken nights and hung-over mornings. I am over that now. But I still enjoy going out from time to time. I know my limit. I have to wake up at let's NOT take tequila shots at 3am..bad idea!  I went out just last night and I made sure that my happy butt was at my desk before 8:30 am!


 The last and final thing that I don't think I will ever understand is the way that some of these girls dress. (that sounded bitchy didn't it?) I stay in the office all day so I can wear jeans and a hoodie (and I do from time to time) but most days I am wearing dress pants and a nice shirt. I want clients to see me as a professional and my boss to respect that I am mature enough to put together a work appropriate outfit. These girls...not so much. Your a size can wear just about anything and it will look good on you...and somehow you manage to look like a train wreck. Your skirt/dress is way too short and you're not even matching. Are those high heels uncomfortable? I can tell because you're hunched over and limping. (*what*) And don't get me started on the fact that you have BEDHEAD! You brushed the front of your hair ( or so I think?) but you managed to forget the back of your head for some reason? 

I am a young adult who has had a job since I was 15 years old. I believe I know how to be mature, professional and of course, punctual. You don't get respect from your employers when you show up late every day and look like a hot mess. I hope that young women learn that being on time and looking the part will make a world of difference when it comes to the relationships you have, whether it be work, friends or romantic. I sure has heck will make sure my future daughter does.

<3 happy bloggin'

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