Friday, January 24, 2014

Five on Friday


1) I have not started 2014 on the right foot at all. I need to start eating better and working out more. I keep telling myself that I am having a "cheat day" but that turns into a whole week! Ugh got to be a be more motivated and get my butt moving!
2) The boy does so many amazing things for me but I love the little surprises like breakfast in bed on a lazy Sunday or bringing me flowers just because! He never fails to make me smile :)
3) The cold weather here in Florida has been AMAZING! Not sure I would be able to handle the -9 degrees or worse that my brother is feeling in New York but I love the chilly 35 degree morning and cold nights that allow us to have bonfires with some great friends.
4) I just got this bracelet at Aeropostale a couple days ago.(Can't seem to find it on their website) I am in love with minty colors lately and its so simple I can weather with a lot of outfits but adds a bit of *bling* that I like.
5) I am debating if I want to grow to keep my hair short like the first pic which was taken like a week ago or grow it out long like the second pic which was taken like 6 months ago. I like it short because its easy to manage and gives me more volume but I LOVED how my hair looked when it was super long. Decisions , decisions.
That's all I have for today. Have a great weekend and stay warm!!
<3 happy bloggin'

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