Friday, November 15, 2013

Things I am supposed to LOVE ...but don't

I saw this list of things that 20-something girls should be able to do on Buzzfeed and then Pretty in Pinktalked about things girls are supposed to love but she doesn't. I decided I would talk about that as well since there are so many trends nowadays that I just don't understand.

Things I am supposed to love

  1. Beer/Wine- 20-something girls are supposed to love this stuff. Like Rachael is cheap, guys like girls that drink it but I just can't do it. And wine, ugh wine. It's classy to drink wine. Come home and unwind with abottle glass. The taste of both to me is gross and I would rather drink sweet tea or a diet pepsi than either one. I do however drink Redd's Hard Cider...which is sold on the beer aisle so that counts for something right?
  2. Mean girls- Have I seen the movie? Yes. Can I recite every line? No. And I am not ashamed. I get the references (“ You can't sit with us”, “4 for you Glen Coco!” etc.) but I am not obsessed with the movie or think its funny to quote it on a daily basis. I don't think I would ever love a movie so much that I would use the lines in everyday conversation. #sorrynotsorry
    (This also applies to “The Notebook” and other similar movies)
  3. Chevron- Are we over this yet? Yes it's kinda cute. But my bed, couch pillows, rugs, shower curtain and clothing don't need to be splattered with the same pattern. I don't want to DIY my whole house with it...but Pinterest sure wants me to! This trend will eventually die..and a whole new pattern will take its place!

    4. Juicing and/or Yoga-No..just no! I don't want to mix spinach with my oranges or kale with bananas. I will drink some fruity smoothie if you want me to but taking time outta my day to juice everything in my kitchen? Not happening! And yoga. I use to be super flexible (and kinda still am) but I do not think laying on a mat in some crazy position is going to make be feel relaxed. I'll sit in front of my TV with some chocolate and feel just fine :)
    1. Starbucks (PSL, Red Cups etc.) I don't like coffee. Plain and simple. Do I go to Starbucks and grab a hot chocolate or passion fruit tea from time to time? Sure. But I didn't have a countdown on my phone til PSL was making its debut. Having an obsession with a drink/coffee place is not healthy for anyone.
Things I should have or be able to do

      1. Wake up with my alarm every morning- HAHA. I have had to wake upat 7:00 am every morning for the last 6 months. I had to wake up before that when I was in school (duh everyone did) but I still hit the snooze button every morning. I still dread getting up no matter what time I went to bed the night before. It has to do with the fact that on the weekends I sleep til 11 or later so my body gets confused . Monday morning my body isn't sure what to do!
      2. A perfect work outfit- I still wake up every morning, half-asleep trying to figure out what to wear. It's a shock I don't forget my pants or something. I could plan it out the day before but who has time for that? I wish I could love as fashionable as some of the girls I see on my instagram/twitter on a daily basis. So much effort!
      3. A handful of go-to recipes- I am not a bad cook. I can bake a mean pumpkin pie. But if you expect me to whip up a fancy dinner with an hours notice? No sure that can happen. I wish I had a couple meals that I knew I could make perfectly in a matter of moments...but that hasn't happened yet. And I think that this isn't just something that 20-somethings entertaining guests should know but that mothers should to. I am hoping when the time comes to prepare meals for a family..I will be a pro!
      4. A bank balance that is generally above $0-Life is expensive. That is all
      5. A favorite book/song/movie- I hate when people ask me what my favorite ______is. I can't answer it. I love a lot of songs (mmmbop, bye bye bye to name a few) and the same goes for movies and books. The pressure to pick just one is far to difficult just I try to avoid it all together.

Do any of you agree with me on this or am I just crazy?
Maybe I need some help to be a better 20-something girl..

<3 happy bloggin


  1. Haha, I used to say these same things (well, not all, I used to LOVE beer), but now I do ALL of these!

    PS. You need to change your settings so that you have an email attached when you comment on other blogs! I was going to respond to your comment, but you are a "no-reply commentor", and I can't email you!

    1. SO SORRY! I think I figured out how to change it though :)