Monday, November 11, 2013

Style Trends- Is this really what we are wearing nowadays?

I am not a fashionista by any means. Not having all the $$$ in the world to shop makes it a little difficult but I do try to follow the trends as much as possible. Maxi dresses are one thing that I can't get enough of. So comfy and forgiving to the figure but can we worn pretty much everywhere! They are great. But one style craze that I can not handle right now is the high-waisted shorts. *ugh*

Not sexy

Why do girls think they can pull these off. I know that Miley Cyrus is running around in a new pair everyday but that does not mean the rest of the world has to join in. I don't even think Miley looks that great in them but she is known to want to cause attention so let's not give her anymore than she already has. This trend is from the 70-80's and it needs to stay there. You can be a girl with the best body, put on a pair of those and its like instant camel toe and your butt turns into an unattractive pancake.

At first I thought I was the only one that thought I let the little sorority girls prance around all the bars/clubs in town...quietly judging them but never voicing my opinion. But one night the conversation shifted and a group of friends all agreed...THESE MOM SHORTS ARE HIDEOUS! This is coming from both males and females. And we all know that girls are wearing these short shorts so they gain attention from the men...but every guy I have come across...think that this style needs to go FAR FAR away! I have asked girls that wear them why they do it... and most of them don't have a straight answer. They do it because they want to be like everyone else. Hopefully this trend doesn't last long and we can go back to wearing shorts that don't go up to our belly buttons and give us instant wedgies!

High-waisted shorts are probably the most unflattering style trend that I can think of but there are plenty others that boggle my mind as to why anyone would want to wear them. Now that it's getting cooler...Ugg boots start to come out. I have nothing against Ugg boots. In fact I own a couple pairs. It's when they are paired with shorts that make them a FASHION  NO-NO! Why do girls do this? Your feet are cold but not the rest of your body? It's not a good look for anyone. Girls don't know why they wear them...but they see celebrities (see below) and their friends doing they think they should too! This trend has be going on for years so I don't see it disappearing anytime soon. (Which is sad)

The last style mistake I can think of that I see on a daily basis would be leggings as pants. We all see it, everyday and are still baffled as to why. I, once again, own several pairs of leggings. There are days I come home and change into them because they are super comfortable. I WOULD NEVER EVER LEAVE MY HOUSE WEARING THEM! (Sorry sorority girls but I am going to use you as an example again because you are the most common offenders) Putting on your Delta Gama T-shirt(one of many) and some leggings does not equal an outfit. They go to class, grocery shopping and pretty much everywhere else dressed like this. Why? I can see your panty line and the second you bend over...your ass will visible to everyone in a 5 mile radius! Yes they are comfy and pants are not. Yes they come in a million different colors to go with every outfit. But this is not reason enough to wear them out in public. THERE ARE A FEW EXCEPTIONS- If they are not see through (made of fabric that is not sheer enough to show your lady parts) or if your butt is covered by a shirt/dress. THAT IS THE ONLY TIMES ITS OK! 

  • What other style trends are you tired of seeing? 
  • What ones would you like to see more of? 

Hope you had a great weekend and for those who have today off...LUCKY YOU! 

<3 happy bloggin' 

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