Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Burger, fries and a super size coke please!

Do you ever read a blog post and think..that was written just for me! Or that it came at the perfect time? Well today as I read one of my favorite blogs, Keep Calm & Carry On, I couldn't help but feel as if Katie was reading my thoughts. She wrote a post about the "5 Best (Health) Decisions" she has ever made. Recently I have been thinking about going on a meat-less "diet" ( I say the word diet lightly because really its a lifestyle not just a diet) and reading her blog just pushed me to go for it! 

When I came up to Gainesville to start school in 2008, I decided to be a pescatarian(vegetarian who eats seafood) and I did it for 9 months. I loved the way that it made me feel and how healthy my body seemed. My main reason for doing it was because my bestie, Joey, has been a vegetarian for many years and also asked if I would try it. So I did! Now I didn't stick with it ( being in college, its hard to not hit up Steak n Shake @ 3am or eat pepperoni pizza multiple times a week) but I always that about trying it again..but the thought always faded away. That all changes today!

Not only will I cut out meat but I want to cut out soda, fast food and eat less carbs. It is not going to be easy (living with a boy who loves his burgers and mountain dew ) but I know I can do it. I need to figure out a meal plan and stick with it! One of the hardest things when you cut out meat is trying to find replacements so that you feel full but without all the calories. Starting September 1st, I will be eating clean, no meat and making sure to not eat fast food (even though its convenient) and only drinking water or unsweetened ice tea( have to have my tea!) 

Why September 1st and not now? Well when start something new, I also tell myself " I have to start on a Monday"..and than I eat like crap on the weekend. I know Sept. 1st is on the weekend but I don't want to quit cold- turkey so I am going to slowly cut out the meat and by September I shall be ready to get rid of it 100%. Plus I still have plenty of meat in my house so it would be hard to resist! 

I am excited to start this lifestyle again. I am hoping it kicks starts my weight loss and makes me feel better on the inside and out. Any tips are greatly appreciated! 

<3 happy bloggin' 

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