Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Back to school ..causes the crazies to come out!

Good morning! It's Tuesday and even though I woke up a little late, I am in a pretty darn good mood! Which is surprising since on my drive to work today..I feel like I was yelling at pretty much EVERY car on the road. School started yesterday for everyone from kindergarten to university level. Meaning thousands of college students who were not here in the summer are making their way back into town and causing chaos! I hate ranting and complaining on this blog but its my space and today that is what I am going to do (#sorrynotsorry) Here is a small list of people causing me to go a little nuts lately.

  1. Parents who don't make their small children wear seat belts.   You are driving your  mini-van, you slam on your brakes. Little Timmy who is not strapped in will be flying through the windshield in no time. *ugh!* I am the car behind you and I see little tots popping all over the back seat, standing up behind the front seat. Not only is this unsafe for them but now they are directing your attention away from the road and blocking your view of the cars around you. Come on people!! 
  2. Drivers who don't obey road signs. This is pretty plan and simple. If there is a stop sign and no cars around..do you stop? (Does a bear poop in the woods?) The worse was that the same person who didn't have their children in seat belts was also going straight in a RIGHT TURN ONLY LANE!! So when that little green arrow tells everyone in that lane to turn..and you're not turning..you cause everyone to wait for your stupid a** to go straight because you don't pay attention to the signs!! (in this particular part of town there is a BRIGHT YELLOW light flashing as well as multiple signs telling you it is a right turn only) Also, when the red arrow comes on, that means STOP turning. I usually have to wait for 2 maybe 3 cars to turn before I can go. The lights are there for a reason! 
  3. School Zones. It is not the school zones themselves that make me mad. I understand their purpose and obey them. It is the people that don't seem to understand that a school zone ends when it says " End of School Zone" (or something along those lines). This morning (running late as usual) there is a 20 MPH school zone. The lovely person in front of me decides that going 5-7 MPH should be good. Not a big deal..but when you continue to go that speed when the school zone is over...umm get the heck outta my way. I have places to go! 
  4. Not using turn signals. Plain and simple. If you're turning..use one. Your car comes w/ them. Don't need to pay extra for them and they are there for a reason . ESPECIALLY if you're at a four-way stop. You're turning left..I want to go straight. If I don't know you're turning, don't get mad at me for going in front of you. If you want to come into my lane and aren't using a turn signal..how am I supposed to know that you want to do so? 
  5. Unaware drivers. I get it. You're dropping cute Susie off for her first year of college. You have never been to this town. You wanna hit all the top shops to find her everything she needs for her dorm room. Please for the love of sweet baby jesus  DON' T slam on your brakes in the middle of the road because you are lost. Pull over. Find a parking spot or a gas station. Pay attention to your surroundings and understand that even though you're new here, the road signs still apply to you. This goes for all incoming freshman/their families. Acting like they have never driven a car before. Grr! 
  6. Lastly, Pedestrians that don't pay attention to signals.  I understand the rule "yield to pedestrians" and they have the right of way..blah blah blah. But when the BIG RED HAND comes on..you don't walk. When my light turns green I want to GO!..but your happy butt is in the middle of the cross walk..so I can't! 
Rant is over. Sorry guys but it seems like lately every idiot driver on the road has been in front of or at least in my vicinity  Hope they aren't in your neck of the woods. Happy Tuesday, happy driving and

<3 happy bloggin'

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